Welcome to the first MMAON Weekly Update, designed to give you a glimpse into what is happening behind the scenes at the MMAON headquarters! We have always maintained that being transparent and meeting our promises is what will set us apart, and with this weekly update… we can answer a lot of your questions!


MMAON officially opened the doors to its platform on November 1st, attracting over 12,000 users and 600 fighters in the opening few days. The phased approach, which will present an updated roadmap in the coming weeks, represents the best opportunity to reach fans, fighters, influencers, and other key stakeholders.

Verifying our 600 fighters as genuine means a lot of work behind the scenes. We have fighters from across the world, from UFC pioneers to amateur athletes just getting started! It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the combat sports world, with back-to-back UFC pay-per-view shows as well as a number of events from Bellator, PFL, and BRAVE!

We’re continuing to update the MMAON platform every single day, adding new layers and tweaking existing ones to present the best possible user experience to you!

Any feedback is always welcome!


Our wallet is in the final stages of being complete. This will be a truly revolutionary addition to our platform, allowing fighters and fans a next-level wallet, future proofed for tomorrow’s generation.

We also announced that MMAON Visa Cards will be available for all users in 2022, with fighters receiving personalised designs! This allows our wallet to not only be fit for the digital world but also the day-to-day ongoings of life across the globe!

The MMAON Wallet will support a plethora of currencies and cryptocurrencies, firmly putting the power in the users hands and making the platform a one-stop shop for not just combat sports, but for day-to-day use financially!


That’s a question we’ve been asked quite a lot over the past few days. So let us put your minds at ease! First off, don’t worry, everything is fine and your tokens are safe. If you go to “My referrals” under your profile you’ll see how many credits you have i.e, how many tokens you are eligible for. Our system tracks every referred registration, so you don’t need to worry about losing out!

MMAON tokens are Ethereum based Cryptographic tokens which means anyone holding them needs a Digital Assets wallet. We are currently working hard on integrating our wallet onto our platform which will enable all MMAON users to buy/sell/use MMAON tokens and fully interact with others on the platform once we enable full functionality. As soon as this first next step is done all registered users will be able to perform a Whitelisting/Know Your Client (“KYC”) procedure. As soon as both you and your referred user perform the KYC, those credits you got from that user will convert into MMAON tokens and appear in your wallet. Simple enough, right?

So, don’t worry, stay with us, keep referring MMAON to your friends and as soon as the wallet integration is complete you’ll be able to complete this final step and enjoy the benefit of owning MMAON tokens!

KYC also allows us to offer what existing social platforms cannot, which is an identity behind all trolls! This leads to a more realistic experience, alongside an overall more-positive landscape on the MMAON platform!


After a busy month focusing on launch and international business, we can now settle down into the winter months. The MMAON team is working hard both at our headquarters and traveling internationally with the world opening back up to travel.

Our founder Zlatko spent some time in Abu Dhabi for UFC 267, adding our latest ambassador Javier Mendez to the team. Javier has been a great addition, being a head coach of one of the most iconic gyms in the history of the sport AKA Kickboxing, working with fighters like Daniel Cormier, Luke Rockhold, and Cain Velasquez

Mendez is also the head coach at Eagle Team, having successfully guided Khabib Nurmagomedov’s career alongside the late Abdulmanap.

The Eagle’s legacy continues with Islam Makhachev, Umar Nurmagomedov and Usman Nurmagomedov, to name a few of the fighters in Javier’s team!

Darren Russell, our CEO spent a few weeks in Florida, USA for the closing event of the PFL calendar, where six champions were crowned and all received $1 million each for their efforts!

It’s great for our team to be back traveling across the world, spreading awareness and making important connections for the future of MMAON.

That’s it for this week! And remember… MMA is ON!