Rewards your passion for MMA!

Finally, a digital and fan-centric platform that rewards your passion for MMA!

MMA is the world's fastest-growing sport with more than 500 million fans and growing rapidly!

MMAON is creating the biggest and most exciting MMA fans network in the world. The future of Sports is in its digitalization. MMAON is becoming a global hub for MMA.

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Market Potential

MMA is the world’s third most popular sport, behind soccer and basketball. There are 551 million people interested in MMA (soccer has 901 million fans). Nearly 85% of the audience is outside the U.S.

The UFC has been the beneficiary of much of the growth of the sport.

The current state of fan engagement, if there is any, is on a completely primal level. Instagram and Facebook are the most intimate connection between fans and fighters and the best way to measure a fighter’s popularity. It is the only way for fans, sponsors, and event organizers to support and follow the fighter.

551 Million

people interested in MMA
(soccer has 901 million fans)

Nearly 85%

of the audience is outside the U.S. (Brazil has shown strong growth by adding nearly 8 million fans over the past three years.)


MMAON - your one-stop-shop for MMA


MMAON - The Ultimate MMA Fan Hub

To become the undisputed go-to destination for MMA enthusiasts, offering unparalleled content, community and interactive experiences.

MMAON is more than just a platform; it's an interactive community of passionate MMA fans united by their love for the sport.

Our platform provides an all-inclusive range of features that satisfy every demand of an elite MMA experience:

  • Detailed fighter profiles and career
  • Digital wallet & Exchange (Crypto & FIAT)
  • Live Betting with Challenges
  • Tips & Donations
  • Accurate and extensive coverage of event schedules with live streams and PPV
  • An engaging community


Revolutionizing Fan Support with Direct Fighter Tipping

The current landscape of MMA fandom lacks a direct and personalized way for fans to support their favorite fighters. While there are established donation platforms, they often lack the immediacy and connection that the fans crave. The tremendous growth in popularity of the sport and the digitalization of the sporting world has not been followed by an adequate platform through which fans can express their devotion of their favorite athletes. MMAON addresses this gap by introducing a revolutionary tipping feature that empowers fans to directly reward their favorite fighters for their performances, dedication and personal impact on the sport.

MMAON: The Future of MMA

MMA Market Opportunity

The global Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) market is experiencing explosive growth, driven by a passionate fan base, increasing mainstream recognition and the rise of digital media platforms. This lucrative market presents a compelling opportunity for MMAON, a one-of-a-kind digital platform dedicated to engaging, informing and connecting MMA enthusiasts worldwide.

Market Size and Growth Projections

The global MMA market is estimated to reach a staggering $17.6 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2%. This growth is fueled by several factors, including:

  • Increasing Popularity: MMA's popularity is soaring, particularly among young adults, driven by its thrill of combat , diverse techniques and charismatic athletes.
  • Mainstream Recognition: MMA is gaining acceptance as a legitimate sport, receiving more media coverage, sponsorships and crossover appeal among athletes and celebrities.
  • Rise of Digital Media: MMAON can capitalize on the growing consumption of digital content and the increasing accessibility of online platforms.

Target Audience: A Passionate and Engaged Fan Base


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MMAON targets a diverse audience of MMA enthusiasts, including:

  • Casual Fans: These fans enjoy watching MMA events and following their favorite fighters but may not be deeply involved in the sport.
  • Avid Fans: These fans actively participate in MMA communities, discuss the sport online, and engage with MMA content.
  • Competitor Fans: These fans support specific MMA organizations or fighters and seek exclusive content and insights.
  • Training Enthusiasts: These fans are passionate about MMA training and seek expert advice, training tips, and equipment recommendations.

MMAON: The Unrivaled Platform for Direct Fighter Tipping

MMAON Business Model: A Comprehensive Overview
MMAON, a groundbreaking platform designed to cater to the passionate world of MMA enthusiasts, boasts a multifaceted business model that encompasses multiple revenue streams, ensuring sustainable growth and profitability. The company's strategy revolves around monetizing its extensive content, nurturing a vibrant community, and providing innovative interactive experiences

Core Revenue Streams:

MMAON Token: MMAON holds a substantial supply of 90 million tokens, which will be utilized for various purposes, including:
  • Exchange Listing: A portion of the tokens will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to purchase and trade MMAON tokens.
  • Partnerships and Payments: MMAON tokens can be used to make payments for premium content, subscriptions, and exclusive experiences on the platform.
MMAON Exchange Fees: MMAON will operate its own - in-platform - cryptocurrency exchange, providing users with a seamless platform to buy, sell, and trade MMAON tokens and other cryptocurrencies. The platform will generate revenue from transaction fees, which will be used to fund platform development and marketing initiatives.
PPV Fees: MMAON will partner with major MMA organizations to provide authorized PPV access to their events. By charging a nominal fee for PPV access, MMAON will capitalize on the growing demand for live MMA content.
Sponsorship Fees: MMAON will attract prominent brands and sponsors seeking to reach the engaged MMA audience. By offering targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities, MMAON will generate substantial revenue.
MMARKET Marketplace: MMAON will establish an exclusive marketplace, MMARKET, where users can purchase authentic MMA merchandise, collectibles, and digital assets. By facilitating secure and convenient transactions, MMAON will capture a portion of the growing MMA merchandise market.
Peer-to-Peer Betting: MMAON will enable peer-to-peer betting on MMA events, allowing users to wager on their favorite fighters and participate in the excitement of live betting. Through a transparent and secure platform, MMAON will generate revenue from transaction fees.

Peer-to-Peer Betting:

A Multi-Currency Hub for Fighters and Fans

MMAON exchange will allow our users to deposit, withdraw, send, receive and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies like never seen before on such a platform! MMAON, EUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH, XRP and more in your wallet, further enhancing

MMAON as a destination for fighters and fans!
MMAON visionary business model, characterized by its multifaceted revenue streams, tokenization strategy and unwavering commitment to user engagement, establishes the company on the forefront of substantial growth and profitability. In the ever-expanding landscape of the MMA market, MMAON is perfectly positioned to establish itself as a haven for enthusiasts, offering not only comprehensive content but also fostering captivating community experiences and pioneering interactive features that redefine the very essence of engagement in the world of mixed martial arts


These achievements demonstrate MMAON traction in the MMA market and its potential to become a leading destination for MMA enthusiasts worldwide. The platform's focus on user satisfaction, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation is paving the way for substantial growth and success.
Marketing and Sales Strategy
MMAON will adopt a multi-pronged approach to marketingand sales, focusing on both organic and paid channels toattract and retain customers.
Growing User Base: MMAON has achieved impressive user growth, boasting a registered user base of 65,000. The platform is confident that this number can increase by a factor of ten following its full launch.
Partnerships with MMA Organizations: MMAON has established strategic partnerships with many renowned MMA organizations, including the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF). These partnerships provide MMAON with access to exclusive content, events, and fighter insights, further enhancing its value proposition.
Engaged Community: MMAON fosters a vibrant online community of MMA enthusiasts, with active discussions, debates, and fan engagement. This engaged community is a testament to the platform's ability to connect with its audience and create a sense of belonging.
Positive User Feedback: MMAON has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its users, who appreciate the platform's comprehensive content, interactive features, and commitment to providing an exceptional user experience
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
MMAON will implement a robust CRM system to manage customer interactions and data. This will allow the platform to track customer preferences, provide personalized service, and identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Effective CRM will help MMAON build strong relationships with customers and drive long-term loyalty.
By implementing a detailed marketing and sales strategy, MMAON will attract and retain a growing customer base of MMA enthusiasts. The platform's focus on organic and paid channels, exclusive content, community engagement, personalized recommendations, and robust CRM will ensure its success in the competitive MMA market.

MMAON is a unique and innovative platform that stands apart from existing competitors in the MMA market. While there are several platforms that offer MMA content, none provide the comprehensive, engaging and interactive experience that MMAON offers.

Key Differentiators
All-in-One Platform: MMAON is the first and only platform to offer a comprehensive suite of MMA content, community engagement, and interactive experiences.
MMAON is not just a platform; it is a hub for MMA enthusiasts. By offering a comprehensive suite of content, community engagement, and interactive experiences, MMAON stands out as the premier destination for all things MMA. With its focus on user experience, unmatched depth of content, community-driven engagement, exclusive features, mobile-first approach, data-driven insights, and continuous innovation - MMAON stands at the precipice of becoming the ultimate global destination for MMA fans all around the world!

Financial Summary

MMAON has received a seed investment of $750,000 from an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which has been used to fund development and marketing efforts. The company has not yet generated any revenue from operations

Investment Highlights:

Founder's Investment: The company's founder has invested $400,000 in the platform, demonstrating his strongbelief in its potential and commitment to its success.
IEO Success: The IEO raised $750,000 in cryptocurrency, indicating strong interest from the MMA community confidence in the platform's future.
Strategic Partnerships: MMAON is in discussions with several MMA organizations and brands to explore potential partnerships that could further accelerate its growth and monetization.

MMAON is poised for significant financial growth, driven by its strong content offering, engaged community, and interactive features. The platform's financial projections are ambitious but achievable, with key metrics such as user growth and ARPU projected to increase significantly over the next five years. The company's initial funding, including the founder's investment and the successful IEO, provides a solid foundation for further growth and expansion. MMAON is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the growing MMA market and become the go-to destination for MMA fansworldwide.