IT’S HERE! The MMAON Wallet is live and rolling on the platform, allowing fighters and fans to be able to transfer MMAON from external wallets. Using QR codes, wallet addresses and even user lookups, using MMAON as a currency is now easier than ever.

The launch of the MMAON wallet continues to deliver on our promise to the community, which is to deliver a revolutionary platform that will change the face of combat sports for the better. Donate to your favourite fighters, reward your favourite posts and send to friends and family, instant and fee-free (if remaining on the MMAON platform).

The wallet will be further strengthened in the coming months, with exchanges being added alongside multiple other cryptocurrencies, deposits and withdrawals and buying MMAON using a credit/debit card.

MMAON have celebrated the launch in collaboration with our MMAON BRAVE Performance Bonuses, awarding 100k MMAON to fighters from the BRAVE CF 56 card in Serbia. Click here to read the article!

Test out the MMAON wallet, let your friends know and let us know how you’re finding using it!

Stay tuned to for more information!