From the start of the project, MMAON has been determined to deliver the best possible platform for MMA fans, fighters, organizations and sponsors.

Back in spring, we promised to launch our platform which connects fans to fighters in autumn and MMAON is on the brink of fulfilling that promise! MMAON is not like any existing social media networks, or like any news feed or database. It is something completely new! A revolution in MMA and in sports as a whole. A hub and a home for all fans, fighters, organizations and sponsors where they can interact, grow and profit doing what they love.

MMAON is about to launch. While we’re still working out all the kinks, we are on track to launch the platform on November 1. The beta version will be up and running by 15 October, when MMA fans will be able to create their accounts and start using the platform whilst all primary functionalities will be up and running on 1 November. From then on, nothing in the MMA world is going to be the same. Fans and fighters will finally be able to connect, interact, trade, monetize their love for the sport, reward each-other and much, much more.

But it’s not only the fans and fighters who will be able to reward each-other. From the start MMAON promised the community to be an equal partner in their relationship and to make them partners in the platform’s growth. To that end, MMAON is launching its promised referral program which will reward active users who help us develop and grow the platform. We are pouring 10% of our total supply of MMAON tokens into this program, which means MMAON will distribute 10 million tokens to early bird users who refer the platform to other fans.

So, in under a month MMAON will launch to revolutionize the combat sports community. Connecting fans to fighters, fighters to promotions and promotions to fans on a platform purpose-built for those interactions. Bringing solutions and launching combat sports into the crypto space is on the forefront of MMAON’s mind as MMAON founder Zlatko Mahić explained:

“MMAON is not going to kill anyone! We are just coming to bring solutions for combat sports, bringing the fight community into crypto space. We are not coming to take anything from no-one. Everyone who will read our whitepaper will understand how easily our MMAON token will be used, for the good of fans, fighters and all key stakeholders in the sport”.

The MMAON team which is composed of fighters, promoters, fans and industry-leading professionals is determined to create the best product possible. With fighters such as former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and James Krause alongside top industry professionals such as Laura Sanko and BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid on board, MMAON is already ensuring fighters have a voice on all aspects of the platform and now we are giving fans a voice too.

Join us on the platform from 1 November and become an early bird! It’s time to do what you love and get rewarded for it.

MMA is ON!