Welcome back to the third edition of the MMAON Weekly Update!

The team alongside our developers are continuing fine tweaking, adding new features and refining any bugs or technical issues. We continue rising in users, attracting fans from all over the globe.

We are in the early stages of adding our betting feature, which will host P2P betting for fans, with more fights than can be found anywhere else! Bet on any fight worldwide, against your fellow users and truly put your MMAON where your mouth is!


MMAON’s betting features will all represent peer-to-peer selections, with fans able to put their MMAON where their mouth is!

Fans will be able to bet on a wider range of combat sports events than ever before, with regional/domestic bouts often difficult to wager on in current bookmakers. Fighters will also benefit, receiving a % of betting winnings directly into their wallets, another way to reward those who deserve it most.

MMAON’s gamification and betting features are fully decentralised and will be transparent, showing fighters, fans and all stakeholders exactly how much is being wagered on each fight.

Markets that traditionally aren’t available will become active to MMAON, with fans being able to bet, support and donate all through the medium of betting.


The addition of betting has always been an important focus for the platform, making fans able to bet with friends, or strangers on upcoming events, big or small!

That’s it for this week! And remember… MMA is ON!