It’s been exactly one year since MMAON token launched, and what a year it has been!
We started out with a successful IEO on Probit Exchange in April 2021 and promised our contributors that we would deliver a working platform withing 12 months. We did much, much more than that in the past year. Not only did the platform launch within 6 months, we’ve since been working hard to constantly upgrade it and provide our users with the best possible experience. To that end we said a firm NO to fake users and integrated a KYC procedure onto the platform which ensures that only actual people can post and interact on the platform. So all fighter and fan posts you see on MMAON come from actual, real people, not bots or multi-account users. MMAON is all about quality, not quantity. We added an integrated crypto wallet for all users which currently allows users to send and receive tokens to their profile and enables them to tip and donate to their favorite fighters providing them with an added revenue stream and making them less dependent on the octagon.
This is however not the end of our road; it is only the beginning! As we start our second year of development, we here at MMAON are working hard to upgrade user experience on the platform and add new functionalities for the benefit of all. In the coming months we will expand the MMAON wallet and enable full exchange functionalities bringing everyone’s experience to a whole new level. Users will no longer have to search multiple exchanges in order to buy MMAONs but will be able to do it right on the platform, we will also enable fiat and other token payments cutting out the middleman and give even more power to the fans and fighters.
At the same time, we are busy developing our betting features which will enable users to challenge each other and put their money where their mouths are. Other upgrades, such as the MMARKET are also in the works, but that’s a story for another time.
Stay tuned and remember MMA is ON!