Finally, a digital and fan-centric platform that rewards your passion for MMA!

MMA is the world's fastest-growing sport with more than 500 million fans and growing rapidly!

MMAON is creating the biggest and most exciting MMA fans network in the world. The future of Sports is in its digitalization. MMAON is becoming a global hub for MMA.

Our Vision

Our vision is to put the power in the palms of the fans. MMAON will digitize the stadium and make combat sports more interactive and engaging for the fans. We bring the fan closer to the fighter, to the fight and to the sport - they become a true insider. Our innovative and customized features give the fan a unique experience.


People interested in MMA
(soccer has 901 million fans)


of the audience is outside the U.S.
(Brazil has shown strong growth by adding nearly 8 million fans over the past three years.)

Market potential

MMA is the world’s third most popular sport, behind soccer and basketball. There are 551 million people interested in MMA (soccer has 901 million fans). Nearly 85% of the audience is outside the U.S.

The UFC has been the beneficiary of much of the growth of the sport, and it developed global sporting superstars such as Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The current state of fan engagement, if there is any, is on a completely primal level. Instagram and Facebook are the most intimate connection between fans and fighters and the best way to measure a fighter’s popularity. It is the only way for fans, sponsors, and event organizers to support and follow the fighter.

Our mission is to

  • Connect fans, fighters, sponsors and organizations
  • Empower all stakeholders to make their voices count
  • Expand the MMAON solution among high-quality MMA organizations
  • Build big MMA communities and give them a reason to stay
  • to conquer the MMA world with the most diverse, vast, and exciting MMA playing field.
  • enable MMA to live up to its full potential by embracing the digital era and offering an experience fans and fighters deserve




Revenue sharing:

  • FAN
  • FIGHTER Winner
  • FIGHTER Loser

More about our vision

There can be no doubt that martial arts popularity is increasing rapidly and there is no question that tech has deeply transformed sports as a whole.

We decided it is time to give the fans what they deserve; more power - before/after the fight and especially during the actual fight - by way of voting/donating features spiced up with innovative AI modules.

We’re implementing gamification features to empower the fans to dictate the game. We want to harness the fan’s passion for the sport and not only encourage them to watch MMA fights, but by making them feel heard and valued by giving them an active role in the organization and fighters’ careers.
MMAON is a career accelerator for fighters by providing them access to MMA organizations, fans, and sponsors worldwide. For the fans, the close interactions with athletes provided in MMAON, allows them to experience being a manager and help create future MMA superstars. Sponsors and MMA organizations gain instant access to a global database of fighters and fans providing them with a new digital market and sponsorship potential. MMAON enables each stakeholder to focus on their core business while allowing the platform to connect them all together and help them grow both digitally and in real life.

We embark on this journey together!

MMA is ON!


By not actively engaging the fan into the sport, many potential fans get lost, and the ones that are present, get only the basic entertainment – buying a ticket and watching the fight at the arena or via broadcasting.

Considering we live in the era of digitalization, the near absence of any digital entertainment by MMA organizations shows there is an opportunity for technology to disrupt this industry.

In the last few years there has been a tremendous growth in generic social networks with a flood of information, most of which users cannot filter to fit their subjects of interest. Such growth has created an excessive amount of noise! Furthermore, it has prompted sports fans to search for niche social networks adjusted to their specific desires. There is a need not only for filtered and tailored sports related information but the ability to interact with like-minded users, get access to a special experience (such as meeting a sports star) and purchasing personalized merchandise and tickets. 43% of fans said that the consumer motivation to like or follow a brand is because they were offered a contest where they can win a prize related to the sport. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be rewarded. For a fan MMAON is like winning a prize all the time. Imagine being rewarded for what you love most – supporting your favorite fighter or organization. MMAON provides a holistic sports fan experience which will bring fans to the platform making it the perfect place for them, and by extension for the fighters, sponsors and organizations as well. Each benefits, and each grows; themselves and the sport as a whole!

The lack of digitalization also hurts fighters. Currently, fighters have to be stars in the ring or cage for the MMA organization to sell them. Fighters don’t have the opportunity to build a following outside the ring. The primary problem for non-U.S. MMA organizations isn’t finding talent, it is exposing their fighters to more fans and sponsors.

Fighters struggle to find sponsorship, with many struggling to make ends meet outside of competition. MMAON will connect fighters to sponspors to ensure they can focus on their upcoming fight.


Fans get new ways of interacting with the fighters and the sport.

MMAON connects fighters, fans, sponsors and organizations to create opportunities for interaction and growth.

Fighters get new profiles and exposure channels that combine structured data and popularity scores (fan feedback, number of interactions, and performance scores - wins, training results, smart gloves data, etc.) to calculate comparable popularity and performance score for the purpose of establishing new rankings. MMAON allows fighters gain additional revenue by selling their own merchandize (gloves, fan ware, … or offering lessons) through our integrated feature MMARKET which will enable fans to purchase goods and special experiences with our fan tokens or other, conventional means of payment.

Fans get new ways of interacting with the fighters and the sport. New interactions include voting for upcoming fights, liking/disliking fighter activity, fundraising fighters, chat functions for interactions with fighters and organizations, donating options, cheering their favorite fighters, requesting matches between fighters of their choice and accessing detailed fighter data.

Sponsors can identify matches for the promotion of their products according to each fighter’s fan base and popularity score, promote their products through a fighter’s platform profile, and call upon fans to support a fight between two fighters.

Organizations get a supplemental revenue stream by quickly offering their events globally as pay-per-view options outside their own regions. This allows local organizations to instantly become truly global without incurring additional expenses.

MMAON with its superb technical support team, will have easy integration options that will enable others to integrate their organizations onto the platform.

MMAON with its unique digitalization features, enables MMAOs from different regions to keep their independence while creating a super MMA league with the largest global fan base.

The future of sports is in its digitalization

Each MMA organization on the platform gains access to the fans, sponsors, and fighters of other MMA organizations on the platform, as well as all platform features (e.g., voting, donating, ranking players, data analysis, pay-per-view, etc.). In addition, fighters and sponsors gain interaction with fans from all member MMA organizations. Lastly, fans and sponsors can support new talents from outside their own region.

With MMAON’s tokenization features, it can also become the first real deal connecting blockchain with MMA.

The future of sports is in its digitalization. MMAON brings the fan closer to the athlete, the fight, and to the sport - they become a true insider, and innovative and customized features give them a unique experience. The platform upgrades the current MMA experience by implementing gamification features to empower the fans. Fans can take part before, during, and after the fight. They are no longer passive observers of the sport but can take an active role in a fighter’s career.

The gamification features of MMAON empower fans to take part in the action, provide exposure of fighters to fans, and open marketing opportunities to sponsors to use the fan-fighter interactions to promote their products. All will become a crucial part; before, during, and after the fight.

MMAON is a career accelerator for MMA fighters by providing them access to MMA organizations, fans, and sponsors worldwide. And for fans, the close interactions with athletes provided in MMAON allows them to experience being a manager and help create future superstars.

MMAONs built-in chat, group chat, messaging, photo-sharing, donation, call, and other functions allow fans, fighters, sponsors and organizations to develop an in-depth relationship unprecedented for the sport and the sports world as a whole, revolutionizing the way we all interact and grow.

More about our mission

  • Become a matchmaker! - Vote for upcoming fight cards. Registered fans can vote for the fighters they want to see in upcoming fights.
  • Influence the sport! - Become MMA influencers. With their increasing activity, fans will receive influencer scores and gain more power on the platform and open themselves new possibilities of being engaged in MMA.
  • Build superstars! - Promote fighter profiles by taking actions that impact a fighter’s popularity score on the platform. A high popularity score increases a fighter’s value to the sport and the sponsors.
  • Shape the future! - Choose which rookie fighters become stars. With an MMAON profile, a fighter is introduced to fans and sponsors. After achieving a certain popularity score, the rookie will get a chance to become a star.
  • Support! - Tip fighters. Fans will be able to tip fighters with cryptocurrencies and financially support their development.
  • Analyse! - Follow live fighting data with the help of smart MMA gloves that record the fighters’ heart rate, energy level, punch number, punch strength, accuracy, etc.
  • Crowdfund! - Open “want to see a fight” funding. Fans can initiate a request for funding of a fight they want to see. According to certain rules (popularity and performance scores of the involved fighters and sponsors), an MMAO can chose to organize the fights.
  • Personalize - Fans receive results and highlight videos of their favorite stars.
  • Train – Fans can pay fighters to work up training programs for them and give them online instructions through the platform.
  • Become opinion makers - Fans will be incentivized to contribute their opinions, articles, other content as well as evaluate content of like-minded users by sharing and liking their stories. For each action, approved by MMAONs editorial system, fans will be rewarded with points. Points can either be converted to tokens or can be used for climbing the contributors’ ranks which ultimately enables a proactive fan to get published on the profile of the fighter or organization about which they are blogging.
  • Be rewarded – MMAON will encourage organizations to reward their top fans by offering them special deals ranging from tickets to merchandize. Ticketing - Buy tickets using innovative blockchain solutions to provide ease of access, less paper consumption and prevention of counterfeit ticketing
  • Ticketing - Buy tickets using innovative blockchain solutions to provide ease of access, less paper consumption and prevention of counterfeit ticketing
  • Fighters get new personalised profiles which include their match and training statistics, along with integrated social media and interactive features
  • Interaction with fans through posting videos, training session performance, photos, stories, comments on other fights, current diets, and fan chats. These interactions increase the fighter’s popularity score. If the fighter receives a sponsor, the sponsor can promote its products in the fighter’s profile.
  • Gain exposure and visibility among fans, managers, and sponsors by increasing performance and popularity scores. A fighter can pitch fans to open a “want to see a fight” funding or directly challenge another fighter.
  • Earning new sponsors, getting fighting opportunities, increasing value, receiving financial support from fans, etc.
  • Gain instant exposure to a global network of MMAOs increasing their fighting potencial.
  • A new source of revenue by giving fighters access to our global MMARKET which allows them to supplement their income even when they are not in the ring.
  • The use of smart MMA gloves for tracking, collecting and analysing data about performance, health, etc.

MMAON enables sponsors to:

  • Access detailed data of fighters.
  • Open their own “want to see a fight” funding by way of connecting enough fans to buy tickets (or products) to support an upcoming fight between two fighters (pay-per-view only, in a gym, or an actual event in an arena);
  • Sponsor their products, create brand loyalty with fans, and discovering consumer preferences.
  • Publish calls for fighters by inviting fighters to receive sponsorship if they achieve certain goals such as a minimum fanbase size or popularity score.
  • Gain new brand ambassadors. Brands continually look for ways to creatively enhance their messages, gain new brand ambassadors, and engage with micro-influencers in their communities.
  • Personalized offers to fans with selected products.

MMAON enables organizations to:

  • Gain access to a detailed global database of fighters – time is money!
  • Stop losing money on untraceable tickets.
  • Build their brand by truly engaging with a global fan community.
  • Reach their true fans directly and to offer them special deals ranging from tickets to merchandise, increasing their understanding of the fans wants and needs.

High tech future

We will encourage fighters to use smart MMA gloves in training sessions and to post the data to their profiles for fans to see. The gloves can be used in fight events along with live data posting (punch accuracy, punch power, heart rate, energy level, etc.). On the platform, fans can read the data as well as play with fun betting features. Beyond the entertainment value, smart gloves provide valuable health data. Medical teams and referees can supervise a fighter’s health throughout a fight and prevent severe injuries.

In the future, additional augmented/virtual reality and 3D technology will be implemented, providing an immersive experience for the fans.

MMAON is a blockchain-based platform for MMA fans, that covers the complete fan experience. Fans get a complete overview of everything that is happening with their favorite MMA stars in real time. All the social media, news and scores are available on one site and fans can personalize what they want to follow. Besides that, fans get rewarded for their engagement through our tokenization system and get access to special fan experiences.

Our love of sport is unquestionable and our thirst to have lots of information at our fingertips about our favorite sports is rising. With all of the cutting-edge technology, it is surprising that the demand for accessing quality content efficiently is not being met. Every single day, sports fans consume news, social updates, photos, videos, stats, scores and more. Each day fans spend more than 34 minutes on a number of sites, visit many news outlets and social networks, and then a couple of scores apps just to stay updated. It’s time consuming, inefficient and unsatisfying.

MMAON is becoming a global hub for all things MMA. It is and will be your go-to for all things connected to the sport. MMAON will be a news aggregator and a social network, with an integrated blockchain reward and ticketing system, allowing users (fans, fighters, organizations and sponsors) to buy and sell merchandize and other items on MMARKET.


Ticketing is always at the forefront of the experience for promoters, athletes, organizations and fans.

MMAON and its new blockchain-based mobile ticketing solution will prevent the duplication and replication of tickets by “QR codes only being activated by Bluetooth once fans are in close proximity to the venue.

This leads to a more enjoyable experience with fans not left waiting in excruciating box office queues, or stresses over obtaining their ticket.

The use of the ticketing system will help curb paper consumption, provide fans with a better experience and ensure promoters can benefit from postage and box office cost cuts.

Counterfeit tickets and touting has ravaged the sports and entertainment industry for decades. With blockchain-based technology, MMAON puts the athletes, promoters and fans back in the driving seat, ensuring fairness during the ticketing process.


The issuance of the MMAON tokens is controlled by a smart contract deployed on Ethereum network. The token conforms to the ERC20 standard. The minimum target for the crowdsale was set to USD$ equivalent of €1 million while the hard cap was set at €5.3 million in total. Base token price upon the launch of the crowdsale was set to $0.10. A total of up to 100 million of non-mineable MMAON tokens were issued during the MMAON token crowdsale . Contributions were made available in USD$ (US Dollars).

MMAON Tokens will be considered as a paymenet method and method to participate in the MMAON market. MMAON will be available as a payment token and will be an acceptable reward for embracing (sponsorship,donation,.)

Role of token:
Token supply:
Distributed in the crowdsale:
7,435,714,62 MMAON (7,44%)
Initial value:

7.44% : IEO
4% : Early investors
15% : FOUNDERS and Team
7% : Advisors & Ambasadors
10% : Reserve for future distribution
36.56% : MMAON staking pool


  • 7,435,714,62 Tokens (7,44%) were distributed to the contributors in the MMAON IEO
  • 4,000,000 MMAON Tokens (4%) were distributed to the private sale investors
  • *up to 15,000,000 MMAON Tokens (25%) will be distributed to the Founders and Team
  • **up to 7,000,000 MMAON Tokens (7%) will be distributed to the Advisors and Ambassadors
  • up to 20,000,000 MMAON Tokens (20%) are intended for the MMAON POOL for future partnerships
  • 10,000,000 MMAON Tokens (10%) are reserved for future distribution
  • 36,564,285,38 MMAON Tokens (36,56%) are reserved for the MMAON staking rewards pool

* Founders and team, subject to a 36-month quarterly vesting period
** Advisors, subject to a 12-month vesting period

MMAON wallet

Set up a digital wallet and monetize your skills. Gain reputation and use MMAON tokens towards content creation, mmarket, donationsand governance.

Your MMAON wallet will allow you to send, receive and spend MMAON token on the MMARKET. You can also use tokens for content, to support of the fighters, PPV.

The choice is yours and yours alone!

MMAON Fan Token holders will have immediate access to exclusive content, voting rights, private chats, fighters’ trainings, exclusive membership perks and can.

Promoters who will finance their events by using MMAON currency will have less bureaucracy to worry about and the transfer of the fight money will be much easier.

The MMAON Token

The MMAON Token allows the fighters, fans and organisations to ensure that the competitors are rewarded both inside and outside of the cage for their commitment to the sport.

Using blockchain technology, the MMAON Token ensures no delay in the moving of funds, whether it be from promotion-fighter or fan-fighter, it’s done instantly!

The fun for supporters never stops! Challenge your opponents and make dream MMA matchups a reality or buy on the MMArket. Show your support by donating to a fighter to earn rewards such as live Q&As, signed merchandise or online tutorials.

The purpose of MMAON is to reward and support the fighters, whilst creating a perfect platform for the MMA community. The future is digital… MMA is ON!


Platform launch
Q3 2021
Private sale & IEO International release
Q2 2021
Prototype development complete and beta testing begins
Q1 2021
Partnerships & Advisory team
Q4 2020
Product design & prototype (MVP)
Q3 2020
Research (Know your fans)
Q2 2020
Brainstorming & Team Forming
Q1 2020


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Darren Russel


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Mateja Skrbe

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